What should include in a Government Job Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a complete professional introduction about yourself and online application form. The main important aim of your cover letter is to say who you are, why your application from shows that you are worth an interview and what you are applying for.

If you are going to attach claims against selection criteria, it is not always necessary to have a long cover letter that re-states what is already in your selection criteria claims later on. It is fact that interviewer will not consider the content of your letter as your resume and statements against the selection criteria. Selection committee always notices that you have included a well formatted and professional cover letter. If always forms the first impression of your written application.

job application form

What should a cover letter include?

First paragraph of your cover letter states what position you are applying for. It will include job, position, and job id with a proper line segment that is “please find attached my resume with cover letter, statement of qualifications, statements against selection criteria”. Middle line of the paragraph should include that your key claims for the positions. Last time of it should include thanks for the selection panel for giving time in considering your application and stating how you be contacted. Last you should include your signature block with proper format.

Make sure that if you are applying for job in a private company that does not require statements against selection criteria, then more detail regarding your skills and abilities will be required in your letter.

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